The Juices

Our juices are made from a variety of natural ingredients, each with it’s own nutritional and detoxifying properties.

They are really tasty, and come in many combinations.

We blend the usual juicing ingredients such as apple, orange, carrot and pineapple with more unusual ones like broccoli, avocado, beetroot and yellow pepper.

Click here for a full list of juices & ingredients in our 3 day, 5 day and 7 day detox plans.

Our juices are lovingly prepared by our fully trained and qualified staff in our HACCP certified commercial kitchen.


Detox Benefits

Our juice detoxes cleanse your body by removing toxins and excess waste.

Your body still gets the calories and nutrients it needs to function properly, and is replenished with vitamins and minerals from the fresh fruit and veg.

Your skin glows with a radient complexion, and your eyes look really clear and bright.

Your immune system is boosted, and you will see a noticeable increase in your energy and mental clarity.

You will feel great!

Why Choose Juice Delivery?

Our Juices are handmade and not mass produced.

We source our produce straight from Dublin’s Smithfield fruit markets and juice on its arrival – We don’t store produce so its as fresh as possible.

We Blast freeze our Juices once made – 1) To ensure juices retain maximum nutrients and aren’t slowly dying in your fridge. 2) You have control over when you juice.

5 bottles per day on each of our detox plans.

Blast frozen to ensure your juice is not sitting in your fridge dying for 3,4,5 days!!!



Support & Encouragement

Completing your detox takes willpower, as you will crave solid foods, but our detoxers are a supportive bunch.

Stay in touch and share your progress on Facebook and Twitter and get plenty of support and encouragement.

How Does it Work

We offer a 3 day detox (most popular), a 5 day detox and a 7 day detox plan. We also offer a ‘Juice til Dinner’ plan where you can enjoy our juices all day, and make yourself a healthy meal for dinner.

Pick your Juice Detox plan, pick your preferred date and sign up here

We will deliver your freshly made juices direct to your door the day before your detox starts. You will receive 5 juices per day. Your juices are delivered frozen, so you will need some space in your freezer.

Completing this detox couldn’t be simpler; the only thing you have to do is open and drink your bottles of juice at the right times.

We deliver anywhere in the greater Dublin area. Unfortunately we can’t cover other areas just yet, but hopefully soon.

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How Much Does It Cost

Our Juice Detox plans are priced as follows, including delivery to your door anywhere in Dublin.

  • 3 Day Detox is €75
  • 5 Day Detox is €125
  • 7 Day Detox is €185

‘Healthy Lifestyle’ will be priced on request and can be for any number of days, with a minimum of 14 days on the ‘Bottle a Day’ program, or minimum of 7 days on the ’2 Bottle  a Day’ program @ a price of €80 for each.

We also take orders for 1 juice per day etc, for details just contact us :-)

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In preparation for your detox, try and cut down on caffeine intake in the days leading up to your detox, some people have experienced a headache on day 2 of the detox due to caffeine withdrawal, so if you can cut down in the few days leading up to the detox this should make life easier.

Your juices are delivered frozen in order to retain maximum nutrients. Just take your Juices out of the freezer the night before, pop them in the fridge to defrost. All of our juices are 100% pure, and will naturally separate when they defrost, but nothing a good shake won’t sort out! Your Juices are clearly labelled Day 1, Juice 1 or Day 2, Juice 3 etc.

Start each day with Hot Water and a slice of Lemon, this is really detoxifying and full of Vitamin C, it begins your cleanse, and can also be drank throughout the day. You can also drink as much caffeine free herbal tea as you like (not Green Tea as this contains caffeine).

Take your Juice out of the fridge 1 to 2 hours before drinking it. If your Juice is not totally defrosted, just place the bottle in a jug of warm water for 10 minutes and shake before drinking.

Guideline for times of your Juices –08:00, 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00 (approx.)

Drink lots of water throughout the day, we recommend that you should drink approximately 2 to 3 litres of water per day. A lot of hunger can sometimes just be thirst!

We also recommend you try and exercise during your detox – a good walk is always good for the mind.

Have early nights while you are on your detox, you will feel and look better for it but also you will benefit from not sitting in front of the TV – give your mind a rest as well as your body! Your body will repair and detox much faster when you’re asleep.

When you have completed your detox your body will need time to re-adjust to ‘normal’ eating habits, you also want to maintain the benefits you have gained, so start with salads and light healthy meals!

I hope this helps, any other questions at all just let me know and of course you can contact us at any time of your detox for info & support!

Most of all –Enjoy, you WILL get a kick out of it!!!

* Results may vary from customer to customer.